Ota yhteyttä

Ota yhteyttä mistä tahansa blogiini liittyvästä asiasta!

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  1. Hi, I think I found your Pinterest site. I love to see the handicrafts of other people. It gives me inspiration though I never follow any ready instructions, I make all my own designs but just browsing what others do gets me always excited to try something new.
    I am originally from Turku, Finland and ended up to Houston, Texas via Athens, Greece. Often when I browse net sites I see something that I am sure is done by a Finnish person and it often ends up being so.
    The lighted crochet house decoration is lovely!

    1. Hi Leeni, very interesting to hear from you :) I live in Turku now but used to live many years in France, Belgium and N.Ireland. Wonder how you can recognise things made by Finnish people, that's interesting!

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